Your Personal Frenchie

You want to address the 274 millions
of French-speaking individuals ?

SoFrench offers 100% human translations
from English to French.

We also deliver splendid illustrations but shhh, that's a secret.
Just be sure to give us a shout to stand out!


A Customer-centered Approach
to Achieve YOUR goals

I take care of my partners

Maximizing your satisfaction

To bring you full satisfaction, we begin each mission with a guidance note to outline your goals. This note includes guidelines and deadlines and ensures the quality process. With clear goals in mind and on paper, you know exactly where we are going.

Quality-first Process

"We are what we do". Providing quality content, written in a compelling, understandable and engaging way is at the heart of my every deliverable.
Read - Translate - Proofread - Clean - Optimize - Proofread again - Deliver - Be Happy.

Search engines are just like you and me: they value great content. Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) make algorithms know that your content is an awesome content. You've got keywords? Hand them over and I'll blend them naturally in the deliverable.

Translation "in-file"

Thanks to my IT background, I can offer to translate directly in your technical file - html, php, po, yaml, xml - which will save you tons of time. No post-processing, you can have your French content go live immediately!

Preserving your voice

While delivering news, information about your products or creating a relationship with your audience, it is critical to keep your brand unspoiled. Our translation will preserve your tone, your personality, your voice. What engages your readers in your native language will remain the same : your uniqueness.

Time is on our side

Time management is crucial in the era of ours. When we start working together, we set deadlines and milestones: time stands on our side to achieve the quality results you need for your project.

What They've Said

Documentary Translation
for Titris Studio

Just a superb work! I am both touched and impressed by the level of Sophie's engagement and attention to every detail of the piece. I believe the whole approach is what makes Sophie a top-of-the-league contractor and all the communication with her such a one-of-a-kind experience.

Web Content Optimization
for Tictales

Sophie is an awesome freelancer to work with. Very professional and responsive. Awesome quality work and marketing skills. I recommend +++++++ !

Website Translation
for Tired Pixel

Sophie is one of the most conscientious translators I've had the pleasure of working with. The work itself was excellent, performed according to schedule and cost, and with a level of detail and research which I was not expecting.