Serbian Love Story

Facing administration with love

As a story-lover, I enjoy meeting people and asking them about their lives, their dreams and their struggles. Here is one of the jewels picked along this path.

Histoire d'amour moderne entre un jeune Serbe et une jeune Française.

A modern love story

He is Serbian.
She is French.
They meet at a music festival in Central Serbia.

Surrounded with trumpets and folkloric dances,
they fell in love as some fell in war.
Their passion overwhelmed them,
happy as any lovers would be.

Unfortunately, Enlightment time has died long ago in France.
Foreigners have now to prove they're trustworthy for the country prior to set foot in.

Against foolish administrations setting borders where there should not be,
they have decided to oppose their foolish and pure

Enjoy this day, be inspired, allow yourself to be happy, no matter what.

Ce n'est pas pour les renards !

Ce conte encourage les enfants à s'accrocher à ce qu'ils souhaitent réaliser, à tester, essayer, découvrir les choses en les expérimentant.


Brèches de vie

À voyager par le monde, les défenses acquises en France se sont ébréchées de microfissures, permettant une connexion au-delà des mots et des langues.