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You stay focused on what you want to express and I deal with ways of expressing it. Choose a style, a message and let me do my magic :)

[Infographics] Athletics

Championnat d'Athlétisme - Histoire et Chronologie

[Trustbuilding] Sunday

Sunday, forget about Facebook. Just keep your face and your book!

[Trustbuilding] Would You Dare ?

Would you dare to live without your mask ?

[Corporate] KDE Manifesto

KDE Manifesto

[Storytelling] Turkish Tea

Ada cay, the island tea that saved me from the traditional dark Turkish tea overdose.

[Storytelling] Via Rhona

Via Rhona, 2 bikes, 250 km, 7 jours

[Storytelling] Serbian Love Story

Modern love story between a Serbian boy and a French girl.

[Storytelling] Hollywood vs Life

Singing in the rain ! - Hey, viens marcher un peu 12 kilomètres sous la flotte, ça te changera d'Hollywood ! - Du calme !

[Storytelling] Derviches Tourneurs

26 derviches en rond, tournent, tournent, vers la félicité.

[Children] Not for Foxes

This adorable fox is the main character of the bedtime story for children from 4 to 8 «Not for foxes!»

[Children] I hate being sick

I hate being sick, I cannot eat icecream

[Children] I love summer

I love summer, sunny sunny days.
L’art naît de contraintes, vit de luttes, et meurt de liberté.
André Gide

How can you know which visuals to use to enhance your content ?

  • Infographics: You can use them if you have a lot of charts and statistics to offer to your audience, especially as we remember images more than numbers. Data-driven info, timelines and handdrawn illustrations are a powerful mix to drive your readers throughout long articles, ebooks and blog posts

  • Inspiring quotes:In every content of yours, there should be a message, something that will engage, inspire, inform your audience. Providing highly shareable pieces of content, such as an inspiring quote complemented with a beautiful illustration, is one of the most efficient technique used in web marketing to get known and to spread your brand.

  • Personal message: The main point of a personal message is to build the relationship with your audience. Sunday is the perfect day to send some friendly and personal illustrations to your audience, especially through social media. This is truly a trust-building: sharing something about yourself that your readers may want to respond to.

  • Storytelling: Storytelling has become more and more trendy because a good story compensates our memory flaws and sticks in mind. It could be inspiring, shocking or adorable: as long as you put emotions in it, storytelling will deliver your message, even more if you keep your distracted audience with a visual anchor.

What They've Said

Documentary Translation
for Titris Studio

Just a superb work! I am both touched and impressed by the level of Sophie's engagement and attention to every detail of the piece. I believe the whole approach is what makes Sophie a top-of-the-league contractor and all the communication with her such a one-of-a-kind experience.

Web Content Optimization
for Tictales

Sophie is an awesome freelancer to work with. Very professional and responsive. Awesome quality work and marketing skills. I recommend +++++++ !

Website Translation
for Tired Pixel

Sophie is one of the most conscientious translators I've had the pleasure of working with. The work itself was excellent, performed according to schedule and cost, and with a level of detail and research which I was not expecting.