English to French Translations

Tailored and customized for your audience.

Translations from English to French for documentaries, websites about psychology, Russian arts, politics in Middle-East, European sports and much more.

Russian Art Documentary

To deliver high-quality French subtitles, it is necessary to perform research about art jargon and national specificities of the artist's country. I enjoyed a lot working with this material as I've taken my art knowledge to a new level.

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Psychology Web Content

I have always been fond of the Myers Briggs theory of psychological types showcasing 16 personalities based on the work of Carl Jung published in 1921. Translating this website has been a true delight.

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Middle-East News Article

This news article explains the situation in Syrian War and the Kurdish positions. During this translation, I've focused on keeping the journalistic tone and respecting the publishing typographic rules and above all, delivering meaning.

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Game Content Optimization

Games are truly fantastic not only as entertainment but also as powerful media for storytelling. While working on this story with mysteries, romances and time-travel, I've focused on the game experience for AnticLove's young girly audience.

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Sports History

Sports article are really popular on the web as they engage readers the easy way. For articles with a timeline, it's particularly efficient to explain the events one after another to keep the audience reading and understanding the context.

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Middle-East News Article

When Israel denied the Armenian genocide, many questions rose. When dealing with sensitive subjects as this one, I focus on being neutral, extremely careful with the wording and the connotations. And of course, I take care of the publishing typographic rules.

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Software and IT Docs

I am part of the KDE French Translation Team and support this open source free software for desktop and portable computing. With millions of users around the globe, 1800 contributors and a software translated in 75+ languages, KDE is a wonderful community that I am proud to be part of.

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Economics and Global Change

Our system is going through a global change, a paradigm shift. To prepare a future which could be good for the greatest number of people on Earth and not only a small minority, several initiatives deserve to be heard. I've chosen to contribute as a translator for some documentaries about economics.

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French Touch visuals to enhance your web content

The Web 2.0 is image-driven.

Asking a (disturbing) question

Asking a question on the side of an image raises a response in your readers' mind. Depending on your target, the question could be sweet or violent, engaging or disturbing.

Creating Top 10 Lists

Top 10 lists are used to generate traffic and feed the web audience who is always looking for content to consume. The recipe ? A lot. Of. Images. (and not that much wordy content).

Cute and delicious content

Cute. Delicious. Free. These words have a strong power on the web. For the same reasons, illustrations that raise these words in filigrane have a fantastic impact and drive web users to look for more.

Articles with relevant images get 94% more total views

As for today, the web is clearly content-driven, and moreover, it is image-driven. What does it mean ? It means that your content, no matter how great it is, will not be seen unless you get something that will catch your audience attention.
Whether you need illustrations for professional and personal blog posts, travel articles or children content, be sure to have some web-proofed strategies to catch your reader's eyes.

What They've Said

Documentary Translation
for Titris Studio

Just a superb work! I am both touched and impressed by the level of Sophie's engagement and attention to every detail of the piece. I believe the whole approach is what makes Sophie a top-of-the-league contractor and all the communication with her such a one-of-a-kind experience.

Web Content Optimization
for Tictales

Sophie is an awesome freelancer to work with. Very professional and responsive. Awesome quality work and marketing skills. I recommend +++++++ !

Website Translation
for Tired Pixel

Sophie is one of the most conscientious translators I've had the pleasure of working with. The work itself was excellent, performed according to schedule and cost, and with a level of detail and research which I was not expecting.